Durban Action Against Xenophobia



Shirin Motala, Civil Society Advocacy Programme
overall most informed and capable person we know of:
031 304 7373 / 083 786 8844

Dept. of Social Development
(for food supplies to organisations supporting displaced people).
Ms. N. Hoosen 084 468 7866.

Red Cross Disaster Manager (based at Cato Manor Police Station – take your donations there)
Cyril Vezi 073 723 5628
Siyabonga 083 749 8482

Police Operations Control Centre: 0800 000 596 or 031 3254720

Durban Metro Disaster Centre 031 361 0000 (speak to shift supervisor)
Billy Keyes Durban Metro Disaster Manager 031 311 4692
Eric Applegren, Durban Metro spin doctor 031 311 2124
(these numbers in no way suggest our confidence in the way city are handling the crisis!)

Diakonia Centre is co-ordinating Christian organisations and NGOs
Karen Read 031 310 3500

Durban Refugee Services Providers Network (DRSPN)
Shreylle Dass (Diakonia Centre) 031 301 0531

University of KwaZulu-Natal internal services (only for students).
These individuals are known to be capable and sympathetic.
RMS: Peter Korte 031 260 2167
Student counselling: Libby Collins 031 260 2668
Dean of Students: Trevor Wills 031 260 1261

The Durban Action Against Xenophobia facebook group

Imagine Durban: Against Xenophobia blog


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