Durban Action Against Xenophobia

June 5, 2008

Refugees in churches – Update 05/06

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As discussed with Anthony earlier today we phoned five of the sites that we are providing catered lunches to today to warn them that the lunches may not be able to continue past the weekend as the Red Cross are currently paying for the catering and they are keen to move to food deliveries instead of delivering prepared food.

We gave all the sites the contact details for Shirin Motala (Civil Society Advocacy Programme [CSAP] Provincial Programme Coordinator) who is coordinating food to sites now and asked that they phone her to get connected into the system. We asked them to get back to us by the end of today if they would have a problem. Three of the sites have confirmed that they can make alternative arrangements for the lunches. Two of the sites have not got back to us so I assume that they have made suitable alternative arrangements. We have also spoken to a sixth site that we don’t feed but are in contact with and they are happy with their current food supplies.

Currently the sites we are dealing with have three categories of people at them:
1. Tanzanians – they have all indicated that they want to go home. Buses have been sponsored by an NGO. The delay is being caused by the Tanzanian embassy who has not sorted out all the necessary paperwork for the trip – which would go through a number of countries.
2. Congo / Burundi – so far I have not met a single person from these countries that would like to go home and people handling the sites also confirm this. Their situation is obviously going to be the most complex and long term and it is critical that they are properly linked into the government programmes that are looking at a variety of potential solutions.
3. Zimbabweans. I have not visited the site with Zimbabweans, but I also understand that they are reluctant to go home. They also need to be linked up to government systems that are looking into alternatives for people in this category.

Will update you with further news when we receive it.



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